October 27, 2014

Beauty Dreams

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Sometimes when living in a new state (New Mexico this time!) all I can do is think about how I am going to revamp this face. My skin has been so incredibly angry about this desert air, so I've had a lot of time to think about how to make it appear better. I'm all about distracting and camouflage. And if takes a bright red lip and some good contouring to do so, count me in!

July 30, 2014

Weekend in Philly

Over the weekend I took a trip to Atlantic City, and Philadelphia to meet up with my best friend Abby and our friend Krista for a girls weekend. It was absolutely something I needed, as being here in North Carolina has made me miss "my people". Even though Abby was busy with her work, I didn't let that keep me from exploring the city. 

I have a few super simple tips for exploring the city of Philadelphia. Sneakers are in fashion right now, so wear them! I made the mistake of wearing my Sperrys which I love, but they gave me the worst blisters on my ankles. I really wish I would have just sucked it up and brought my running shoes. Make sure you go out of your way to eat at Jim's Steaks on South Street. I got a recommendation from a good friend who grew up there and that's her favorite. Always believe a local. Don't be afraid to explore alone! I had so much fun by myself listening to music and walking all around landmarks. 

"Traveling it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."

July 8, 2014


As of the past few months I've been living in Winston Salem, North Carolina! I know it's a huge change for me, and don't worry my husband and I are still together and doing great! I took an assignment as a travel nurse, so I'm here for the summer! I have had a great time exploring, and it's been so nice being within an hour of super great shopping in Charlotte, and 3 hours to the beach. It's been a whole new world, especially since I am often called a Yankee. Which truly cracks me up! 

 I want to bring back my outfit posts, but I'm stranded without any of my normal photographers, so you'll get what you get haha! I also will be bringing back lots of reviews of my favorite cosmetic, hair, nail, and skincare favorites. Also, I am trying to rededicate my life to health & fitness (I know, again!) and would love to share this part of life too.

I'm looking forward to reinventing this blog with you as my readers!

April 7, 2014

War Paint

This past weekend I had the opportunity to run The Color Run for the second year in a row. My friend from work Elise was sweet enough to invite me to run in her sister's place, and I really did have a blast. Her family is the sweetest, and incredibly welcoming. 

 Last year I ran the full 3.1 miles while dodging small children and every person who was walking. This year I learned a few tricks I thought I could share with you all! 
1. If you actually do plan on running, get there early! The course is crowded with people, and most of them are just there to walk the event. 
2. Bring a towel for your car! If you don't and you have cloth interiors you will find random amounts of color on your clothes for weeks even if you clean after you get home.
3. If you're blonde, invest in a purifying shampoo for after the race. In an effort to not have my hair stained this has really helped!
4. Put your phone in a plastic bag, unless of course you have a LifeProof case! I'm going to be cleaning mine for weeks.
5. I leave my hair down for this race, simply because the people in the color areas have a tendency to aim for your face and ears. That being said, sunglasses are a fabulous idea just because you want to be able to see!

Elise and I freezing our tails off waiting for her family & to run!

After the race, generally a pretty dirty crew.


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